Rudi Beyaert lab

Prof. dr. Rudi Beyaert


Main research topics

  • Functional characterization of novel candidate IBD genes (R. Beyaert is spokesperson of the Excellence of Science (EOS) programme “Taking IBD Genes from GWAS to Function to Drug Target” (BRIDGE))
  • Crosstalk between epithelial cells and immune cells in gut, skin and lung inflammation
  • Molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in intestinal transit and constipation (subteam I. Afonina)
  • Metabolic engineering of probiotic yeast for efficient delivery of anti-inflammatory metabolites to the gut (subteam J. Staal)
  • CBM signaling and MALT1 protease activity in inflammation, immunity and cancer
  • Inborn errors of immunity in chronic inflammation and immunodeficiency
  • Development and preclinical validation of novel cytokine antagonists

Areas of expertise: Inflammation, Immunity, Cancer

  • Cytokines (TNF, IL-1, IL-33, IL-35)
  • Toll-like receptors
  • Molecular biology and immunology
  • Intracellular signaling (NF-κB, STAT, MAP kinases, …)
  • Protein-protein interactions; phosphorylation and ubiquitination
  • T cell and epithelial cell biology
  • Advanced flow cytometry immunophenotyping
  • Mouse gene targeting and models of human disease (IBD, constipation, colorectal cancer, psoriasis, MS, asthma)

Partners and sponsors